by Your Team Ring



released January 1, 2002



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Your Team Ring Brooklyn, New York

Your Team Ring is Gabriel Walsh's recording project, featuring Richy Midnight active from 1992-2005.

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Track Name: Goodbye
double mind - he walks alone | double
voice - he now must roam | reach up and shear the
sickly thread | which links your thoughts to your
head - Goodbye
Track Name: This Apartment Will Rise
Everyday seeps to
the next, from street to street and dusk till' desk
Crowded no ones in an empty room | Everyday the
Will To Believe falls asleep his hands in his sleeves.
Going nowhere | Bloated page and dreams of greed
code the leads.... going nowhere | But in secret I've
prepared! | Since I was 17 | All joking aside this
apartment will rise! | A monkey crew has been
assembled | Gauges checked and blue prints
resembled | Heading straight for nowhere | Going
Track Name: Brother Clone
A prick of blood, | an ounce of
fear, | a bit of mud, | then you appeared. | You seemed
surprised, | but also know | we've both surmised | you'll
be my faux. | It must hard to be so me, | the guilt you feel | has been
my fee. | All this time | you've been so near, | tucked away | but so sincere.
My face, your own | Brother Clone | My life, your own | Brother Clone
Genetic farm | you've been the charm! | To my escape | I must quickly make.
Track Name: Mobile Home
Before we go we will bestow this last one | We'll let you
know below is stored a 'fast one' | On you from me for your decrees and
functions | Somehow we've always known | why to call the mobile home
It's up to you to undo the fasten | We'll let you know how it go'd in the
past tense | The lights dim low and the clouds draw near | Look out and
say, 'Goodbye atmosphere' | To call the mobile home | To've freed him
and to've flown | The panic, the dust and the drone | of our Brother
Track Name: The Big Drift
Goodbye! | We've reached the blackened skies | Reply to the ground we've been untied | Alive! | Out here one can't deny | Believe me when I say | The Big Drift's the answer | It relieved me of that voice, that
song, the glance heard. | Please Try to understand this folly | I'd die if you
we're to find it appalling | Believe Me when I say | The Big Drift's the
question | It's the only thing I've felt worthwhile to mention | Collide with the self that's held you down | Realize the you in you is bound | Believe me
when I say | The Big Drift's the gospel | A gift to wound the healed and turn the timid hostile
Track Name: Hey, Mister Space Trolley Man
Oh! I am your space trolley man, | here to
bring you what news I can. | While you were away, a way up here | your
girl has fallen in love, oh dear! | It's not as bad as you might think. | It's not
some goon or some ratfink. | It's yourself, oh well, your clone. | You can't
just go and leave your baby alone. | You might have felt so fancy free,
but for you now there's jealousy!
Track Name: Change Directions
We'll change directions | This much is
clear | We've sought perfection | but not the pure | While we took
suggestions | he held her near | While we built confections | she
disappeared | The unknown is less than what is known | Seeing,
believing: these are shames and now it shows | The adventure's
over | let's turn around | But the lights are blinking | the alarm bells
sound | Doors will open, words will swallow | Love will beckon,
clones will follow
Track Name: The Landing Gear is Stuck, My Dear
Rocket side, silver glide
The arch is drawn, the sky to become | a slow escape:
the moonlyscape. | But the landing gear is stuck my
dear... | Air is thin | An impish grin comes over the crew. I
wish that they knew | Drift away | and come what may,
but the landing gear is stuck my dear...
Track Name: The Problem with the Fourth Dimension
Before and behind us the veil sinks yet sails | What steps forth
reminds us of why logic fails | And up ahead, and yet
below, the women stare | They are lost, yet now are
found, are they even there? | Widows with play things
strewn across the lawn. | Honeymooners at the wake,
they console themselves with song: | "My love, it's not
your eyes the problem's not the fourth dimension, | My
dear, it's not your mind the problem is the place you've
come from" | Go ahead weep for the kites, kata is always
known. | Go ahead fall down the stairs, ana is always
home | "My love, wipe your eyes the problem's not the
fourth dimension, | My dear, clear your ears the
problem is the place you've come from" | Oh vision don't
stray from me - I make my plea | And with that the light is gone. And so is
she. | Oh love please shift my eyes so I'll always see the fourth dimension,
Oh dear please fix my tongue so this place I won't mention.
Track Name: Parade of the Mechanical Ants
We've landed on the border of a strange land. | The sounds resound on the ground just like a tin can | Sensors read the odor of the ozone | What kind of thing could live in this unknown?
Off in the clear, they make their way near. It's mechanically clear | "We are your lost sons!!! There's no where to run!!!" | Parade: wandering to the horizon Charade: splitting the hares from the lion on the grave | Parade: life springing forth from division | Charade: knowing the part of the master and the slave | In their grasps we understand their meaning. | It's been us all these years they've been feeding. | With the dream to escape our homelife. | Like a plate of honey left for the buzzing swarm We've taken the bait into our minds in hypnotic form | "There's nowhere to run"
Track Name: Lost in the Ocean of Bone
It seems it's a lovely day for flights | for teams of the others we've left to plight | In dreams the ocean swallows the ground who'd of ever thought that I would be let down? | In the stars are we alone? Or are we home in this ocean of bone? | We were snails in comparison | It was shale that crumbled away | Where were we desirable? And where were we safe? | Show me adventure and I'll show you something gray....Sailing through the living dying. Sailing through the living dying. Sailing through the living dying.
Track Name: The Ol' Switcharoo
Won't tell you any lies my dear friend. | You're about to die, at your life's end | Nothing left but bone on your face. | But I've brought your clone to this space | A grave you may not own in this case He'll peel away his skin for you sir! | Now go and crawl right in this strange fur. He's the hero of the day, 'twas his plan | It doesn't take a birth to make a great man.
Track Name: Homelife
Once the route drew toward dream | but the dream is now Homelife | The path unfound: Homelife | From shell to self,from rot to health | The fleeing weed becomes the potted seed | To live as one: Homelife | Conjure undone: Homelife | From know to known: Homelife | The dream is now Homelife.