by Your Team Ring



released January 1, 1994



all rights reserved


Your Team Ring Brooklyn, New York

Your Team Ring is Gabriel Walsh's recording project, featuring Richy Midnight active from 1992-2005.

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Track Name: Do I Hear the Air?
I remember last time you were there,
Michael's in the words I'm in the chair.
Anticipate me because I care,
One last time we'll be right there.

I remember lasting through the night,
guarded by the secret words of rites.

And we lie in the raging in the sea...

Do I hear the air?

I remember the reservoirs.
I recall that you were tall.
Track Name: I'm Sick of Your Tamale Dance
Don't go and blame someone else,
it's time you learn for yourself.

She wants to believe it's true.

I guess it's left up to chance,
I'm sick of your tamale dance.

Why don't you go on your own?
Pay off those student loans.
Track Name: Tie Me to the Crown
I once gypped the resting crowd, can’t keep my eyes off the ground           
Tie that monk to the ground, to the crown
I salute the waves that stand still
I want to be saved, so tie me to the crown
Her sandals fall down to me
Athena has no shame that’s why we’ve called her:
Auntie for the day, queen of place!
Hold that monk right down and chain right to the crown
Track Name: Magic Star Traveler
Imagination said to him 'Let's take form!'
You be Solar, I'll be the dog from the lawn

No more worries, no more pain,
Thanks to Jerry Lane outer space may never be the same
Track Name: Rise and Shine
Shades of grey wash away
You are there, my sickly mare

Rise and Shine! It's time to dine.
He now awaits, let them take you.

Come inside, don't you mind
Stay a while you matchly child
Perform the dance, loose the lance

You daren't move
It's time to prove that you're lasting too
Track Name: Glasses on the Roof
Some words haunt me,
that's why I've agreed
to finally let you go
and make sure everyone knows that you care
In the big red arm chair
you will find nothing comes to mind.
Don't let those books close themselves.
You're smarter now that you're brighter.

I asked you for some proof
you showed me glasses on the roof.